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High Power Service India is the best Dell Service Center Kolkata, Chandni Chawk. Since inception, we have dedicated ourselves to high ethical standards and ultimate customer satisfaction. In addition, our repair services is totally transparent and affordable. Throughout these time period of 5 years, we have gathered in depth experience to do the best.

Are you looking for the top Dell service center Kolkata? You are at the right place. High Power Service India is committed to you and you only. Our prime aim is customer satisfaction. We do our best with our affordable and honest Dell service options. Also, the spare parts we use are all genuine. We are the only Dell approved spare parts reseller. Therefore, rely on the best Dell Service center Kolkata.

We have a team of highly skilled engineers having in-depth hardware expertise. They are also certified from Dell and having degree from Govt. approved colleges. Right now, our team strength is 10+. In addition, we have profiles from hardware experts who have work experience from TCS, Cognizant, & Wipro. Therefore, we can repair your Dell laptops better than anyone else.

High Power Service India, the best Dell Service Center Kolkata was started by Arnab Saha in the year of 2017. After that, success and failure & failure and success. In those year, we have learned a lot to provide the best Dell servicing in Kolkata, Chandni Chawk, West Bengal. As a result, if you find your laptop not working, just close your eyes and contact us.

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Our History

From Zero to
#1 Dell Service Center in Kolkata

Probably you know that, nothing can be achieved without sacrifice. So, establishment of High Power Service India was not easy. As, you know that Chandni Chawk is a place with lot of competitors. Now, we are not representing or positioning ourselves as the best. We are the real best of the best. That is, the best Dell service center Kolkata. We have started with zero. Even, we have faced a lot of hardships during the Covid – 19 in the year of 2020. Our business was totally down. Even, then we have give our best support to our existing customers through video calls. That is how, we have become from Zero to #1 Dell Service Center Kolkata, Chandni Chawk, West Bengal.

2017 - 2022

Our Most Efficient Year

Lot of our competitors create fake 5-star reviews in their Google My Business profile. They have also intentionally created negative reviews on our profile. But, all in vain. Because, the no one can stop the real warrior. We are the best, We have proven ourselves to become the top Dell Service Center in Chandni Chawk, Kolkata. From, 2017-2022 we have repaired almost 2500 laptops and helped almost 2450 clients and as few of them bring multiple devices.

Why Choose Us

Reason For Choosing Us

Accredited Company

High power service India is certified Dell Service Center Kolkata.

Skilled Engineers

We have a team of highly skilled hardware experts.

Quality Material

We only use genuine spare parts during the repair process.

Fast Service

We provide super-fast laptop repair service in Kolkata.

1 Year Warranty

You will get 1 year of official warranty when we repair your device.

100% Guarantee

Only Dell Service Center Kolkata, which provide 100% guarantee.

Top Dell Service Center Kolkata, 2022

We simply not write big words on our website. This is at par our real and genuine customer reviews. Yep, you heard or read it correctly. We are the top Dell Service center Kolkata as of 2022. We have already described the story of our struggle to become #1 laptop repair services in Kolkata. Don’t worry, if you have some issues in your Dell laptops feel free to visit us. We will provide the most economic and affordable laptop repair services that you will not forget.

Right now, you are looking at the best Dell Service center Kolkata. This is the place where we work or you can say repair Dell laptops (Inspiron, XPS, G, Alienware and so on). This is your ultimate road to happiness and peace. Any Dell laptop problems. Kindly visit High power service India, the top Dell Service Center West bengal.

Dell Service Center Chandni Chawk, Kolkata

Serving the people of West Bengal by providing the best quality Dell laptop repair services since the year of 2017

No doubt, we have already stated our story. How we have become from none to a reputable laptop repair services in Chandni Chawk, Kolkata. This is only achieved by extending great customer services only. Customers like our god. We worship by providing valued services only. We are very much thankful to our happy clients to make us the best Dell Service center Chandni Chawk. We have dedicated ourselves to put a smile in our client’s face.


Our vision is to emerge as the best Dell laptop service center in West Bengal by providing genuine and quality laptop repair services in the state. Our brand voice is "Repairing at Ease & Delivering Peace."


Our mission is to repair each and every laptop that stop working and have some faults in the state of West Bengal with our expertise and knowledge. We are here to help people and that too in a affordable cost only.